Solved challenge

For less than two months the Specialized Criminal Court to be operational from scratch.




Marketing & Sales

Operation & Organization

Risk & Strategy

  •  The specialized criminal court of justice -Bulgaria, foundeing employee
  •  Cover of the Journal of Financial Econometrics published by SoFiE
  •  Picture from the event in the British ambassy from 28.2.2012
  •  The #ДАНСwithme or #OCTABKA peaceful movement which i have initiated
  • The IT Project of the year 2009 in Bulgaria with www.Sildex.com and the leading cardiology University Hospital Saint Ekaterina www.uhsek.com
  •  Better than expected results as External Leading Consultant in Mobiltel - the leading mobile telecom in Bulgaria
  • 01 www.spcc.bgone of the founding employees
  • 02 nyu.edu/sofieFounding Member of The Society for Financial Econometrics (SoFiE)
  • 03 28.2.2012Something happened on that day in the Residence of the British ambassador in Sofia
  • 04 27.5.2013I have initiated also The peaceful movement in Bulgaria
  • year 2009IT Project of the year award with Sildex.com & the leading cardiology University Hospital St. Ekaterina www.uhsek.com
  • year 2007Great results as Leading external consultant in leading Bulgarian mobile telecom
  • Opportunity?The live could be a journey
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